Why Consumers Should be Weary of Online Auto Services

If you are a consumer and you are thinking about ordering auto services to come to your home or office there are a few things you should know about. First, not all online ordering auto-service companies are legitimate and not all of them are created equally. Let me explain.

You see, for 27 years, I worked 17 hours a day building up a business that went to homes and offices to clean cars, in fact, I franchised the business in 23 states. There were always companies, that wanted to contract us to service customers that they found on the Internet, and they would take a cut of the total priced that the customer was charged.

It was amazing that these Internet Start-up companies knew nothing about the business, but promised the customer everything and then relied on our company to fulfill those promises. The worse part about it was that the companies would promise things that we did not offer or had no way of achieving, thus, making our company look bad. On top of that, our company had our own set of customers because we had a great reputation and a huge referral network base to work from.

The online internet company, had no กระเบื้อง ดิน เผา knowledge, service vehicles, no company and instead tried to cut into our business and then sell those customers back to us, while taking a fee off the top. This was not so uncommon during the Internet rush, but now most industries have wised up to these games, calling such websites; parasites.

This is yet another reason you should never use such an online service, unless that actual company that will doing the work is the one you are talking with directly. Consumers beware, know who you are dealing with and deal direct, and not through an Internet middle-man, which has no idea the difference between a BMW and a Volkswagen.

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