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Hack And Slay Spiele

Coole Hack and Slay Games für Browser & Smartphone. Finde dein virtuelles Abenteuer jetzt auf! Auf findest du Informationen über Hack and Slay Videospiele. Hier kannst du neue Hack & Slay Spiele entdecken und dich informieren! › wiki › Hack_and_Slay.

23 Spiele wie Diablo: Die besten Action-RPGs & Alternativen zu Diablo 3 oder Diablo 2

Hier findest du eine Auswahl der besten Hack & Slay-Spiele mit Multiplayer-​Fokus. Du willst wissen, welche das sind? Dann klick auf diese Übersicht! › wiki › Hack_and_Slay. Torchlight (ab ).

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Top 10 Hack \u0026 Slash PS4 Games of All Time

Jedoch sind die Dark Souls-Spiele daher nicht für jedermann geeignet. Adventures of Van Helsing. Jetzt Guthabenkarte für PlayStation Network kaufen!

In dieser Spiele-Liste findest du mehr als Hack and Slay Spiele und Action-Rollenspiele. Bei den externen Links dieser Liste handelt es sich um Werbung — Wenn du etwas über so einen Link kaufst, erhält der Betreiber von Hack-and-Slay.

Für dich ändert sich der Preis dadurch nicht. Fehlt die ein Spiel in dieser Liste oder hast du einen Verbesserungsvorschlag?

Roguevania , Souls-like , Pixel Graphics , Roguelike. Medieval , Multiplayer , First-Person , Online Co-Op. Showing 1 - 15 of 1, results.

Browse All Top Sellers. Co-op , Action , Multiplayer , Adventure. RPG , Hack and Slash , Action RPG , Mythology.

Sexual Content , Free to Play , Nudity , Female Protagonist. Free to Play , Anime , RPG , Action. Browse All Time Most Popular. Great Soundtrack , Indie , Action , Narration.

RPG , Action RPG , Hack and Slash , Dungeon Crawler. Great Soundtrack , Action , Hack and Slash , Spectacle fighter.

Action , Hack and Slash , Great Soundtrack , Spectacle fighter. Action RPG , Loot , Hack and Slash , RPG.

Hack and Slash , Action , Quick-Time Events , Rome. Action , Hack and Slash , Character Action Game , Great Soundtrack. Find More FPS , Warhammer 40K , Action , Hack and Slash.

Adventure , Anime , Action-Adventure , RPG. Action , Precision Platformer , Platformer , Indie. Early Access , Hack and Slash , Roguelike , Action RPG.

RPG , Action , Hack and Slash , Funny. Open World , Action , RPG , Adventure. Action , RPG , Indie , Hack and Slash.

Strategy , Base Building , Survival , Tower Defense. The genre is full of great games that each bring their own unique flavor of violence to the table.

Today, we look at the 15 best Hack and Slash games to show you just how fun and diverse this genre can be. Fight against players from around the world in a multiplayer arena set in a realistic medieval setting.

Official Youtube. Experience a clash of styles and culture as you battle it out with an army of Samurai, Knights, and Vikings.

The wide variety of maps, heroes, and gameplay modes ensures that the multiplayer battles will never get tiring.

Official Site. In the sequel to the cult classic original, you play as Shank, a mob hitman out for blood. Revel in gory violence as you hack and slash your way through beautifully rendered 2D environments.

In the fantasy setting of the popular Warhammer franchise, you are the only thing that stands between the Empire of Man and the unending masses of Chaos and Skaven.

Battle your way through thrilling first-person combat that shows just how deadly this world can be. Set in the vibrant creation of J.

Tolkien, you play as Talion, a man who was murdered and was magically joined with an elven spirit. Dante returns for yet another over the top and gloriously fun adventure.

Battle your way through the countless demon hordes as you liberate Red Grave City. Set in the sci-fi setting of the Warhammer franchise, you play as Captain Titus, a Space Marine sworn to protect the Imperium of Man by any means necessary.

Enjoy the dark side of the Warhammer future as you fight Ork after Ork with your bolter and chainsword. Play as a God Eater who is able to absorb the essences of fallen monsters known as Aragami.

Unleash the world-shattering firepower of the God Arcs upon these monsters and slay them once and for all. Go on a vision quest to hell to find your lost love and question your own reality.

Experience an emotional and touching story that deals with very real issues in a way only video games can. Play as Bayonetta, an ancient witch that keeps the balance between the forces of light, dark and chaos in the world.

Uncover the secrets of her past while fighting the forces of both heaven and hell. Rise through the ranks of the Roman legion as you seek vengeance for your family and conquer for the great empire of Rome.

The fast-paced action will lead you through breathtaking visuals that capture history at one of its more interesting times. Based on the manga and anime of the same name, you will fight off a horde of man-eating giants.

Hades is equal parts stunningly beautiful and delightfully entertaining. Its blend of classic mythology and an entirely new story works wonders to push players forward.

As the infamous Horseman of the Apocalypse, players slice and dice their way through hordes of angels and demons after War is betrayed and tricked into bringing about Armageddon early.

Once charged with keeping order between the forces of Heaven and Hell, War takes up arms against the demons and angels that stand in his path.

Sure, it shares the isometric graphic design and top-down gameplay that Blizzard also happens to use, but Torchlight II is an entirely different animal.

As the Engineer, the Outlander, the Berserker, or the Embermage classes, players venture into the landscapes beyond the mining town of Torchlight to stop the Archmage that became corrupted after the original.

The game is more open to class customization, which is enhanced through the mass amount of loot dropped by enemies and found through scrutiny of the environment.

Torchlight II is beautiful, features unforgettable bosses, and even comes with a co-op multiplayer that can support six players. READ NEXT: The Best Couch Co-Op Games You Should Play.

Developer: Iron Lore Entertainment Publisher: THQ. Anyone with a soft spot for mythology so, everyone will love the depths Titan Quest goes to in order to bring some of the most well-known monsters of Greece and Egypt to life.

Travel through Ancient Greece and Egypt, crossing the Silk Road in Asia, to aid the Olympian Gods in a battle for survival.

Unlike a certain rage-filled Spartan warrior, your goal is to keep Olympus from falling to the Titans. Standing in your way is an army of familiar and new monsters, like the multi-headed hydra, mummies, centaurs, Cyclops, skeletons, and trolls.

Wielding clubs, swords, axes, and an assortment of skills and abilities, players battle through vibrant and detailed landscapes in a visually stunning adventure that does well to capture the environments of the distant and ancient lands.

Equipped with a battle axe as Gilius Thunderhead the dwarf, a broadsword as Ax Battler the barbarian, or a longsword as Tyris Flare the Amazon, players battle through waves of enemies to square off against Death Adder.

When a second player plugs in, the experience gets even better. Developer: Grinding Gear Games Publisher: Grinding Gear Games.

The lighting alone is impressive, which lends to beautiful character models and detailed shadows. The deeper you get into Path of Exile, the more you may question how it could remain a free-to-play experience.

There is no lack of content, bugs are so few and far between, and the world is detailed and fun to explore.

Players take on the role of one of six classes — a Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, or Witch — and master a selection of weapons and skills to survive the expansive, online world.

READ NEXT: The Best Free PC Games You Should Play. Since its beginning, the Dynasty Warriors series has been a picture-perfect example of a hack and slash game.

The core gameplay is exactly as the genre would lead you to believe. As a warrior, you slice and dice through waves upon waves of enemies.

Hack and Slay, oft auch als Hack ‘n’ Slay oder Hack and Slash (beziehungsweise Hack n Slash) bezeichnet, kommt aus dem Englischen und bedeutet so viel wie “hacken und zerschlagen”. Solche Spiele sind auf den schnellen Schnetzelspaß zwischendurch ausgelegt und schicken dich ohne jegliche Umschweife direkt von Gefecht zu Gefecht. Hack and Slay Spiele haben zurecht eine große Fachgemeinde. Auf der Suche nach legendären Items und dem nächsten Endgegner, massenweise Monster niederzustrecken, kann viel Spaß machen. Doch oftmals sehnen wir uns nach Abwechslung und neuen oder anderen Spielen. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Hack and Slash products on Steam. An isometric hack'n'slash made in the roguelike convention, in which we play the daredevil plundering dark temples. The protagonist of the game fights with various monsters and curses, which at the same time weaken him and in a way strengthen him. PC. Es gibt eine Menge ähnliche Spiele wie Diablo da draußen. Wenn ihr einfach mal ein gutes Hack and Slay spielen wollt, dann checkt unsere Bestenliste aus. Wir haben eine tolle Sammlung an Spielen gefunden, die sehr gute Alternativen zu Diablo sind (egal welchen Teil ihr mochtet). Achja: Das hier ist keine komplette Liste und auch keine Rangliste. Pagan Online ist das Spiel für diejenigen die Diablo mögen, aber wenig Zeit haben. Top 3 Things That Make Bayonetta Awesome Combat that is both fluid and stylish Fun and pulpy story from start to finish Heart-pounding action that never slows down in both story and gameplay Official Site Official Youtube Genie Three Wishes. RPGAdventureAction Online Casino Schwarze Liste, Hack and Slash. Januar Über Hack and Slay Spiele und Hack And Slay Spiele. PS5 PlayStation Plus Games: The Complete Tabletennis11. Join Cultured Vultures as we bring you some of the biggest news from the world of wrestling. View mobile website. With a pair of signature blades and her blood lust, Bloodrayne tears through the Germans — quite literally. Rowan Atkinson Hints At Return Of Blackadder. READ NEXT: The Best Couch Co-Op Games You Should Play. Top 11 Games Like Path of Exile Games Better Than PoE In Their Own Way. Co-opFirst-PersonHack and SlashOnline Co-Op. Top 3 Things That Make Mordhau Awesome Highly customizable characters, armor, and weapons A variety of game modes to battle it out with 64 players The balance of realism and gameplay ensure Trivial Pursuit Star Wars every battle is intense but still fun Official Site Official Youtube Rise through the ranks of the Roman legion Goddgame Empire you seek vengeance for your family and conquer for the great empire of Rome. Top 3 RГ¶merquelle Emotion That Make Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Was Bedeutet Downtown Play as Raiden once again A dynamic and satisfying cutting mechanic Combat is quick and brutal making you feel like a cyborg ninja Official Site Official Youtube 1. NEXT PAGE.
Hack And Slay Spiele
Hack And Slay Spiele 3/1/ · Diablo 4 is a hack-n-slash RPG from Blizzard Entertainment Studio. The player chooses one of several available characters and then sets off into the world to fight against hordes of monsters. The game returns to the dark climate of the first two scenes and . Ihr sucht Hack and Slay Games für den PC? Hier findet ihr 18 Hack and Slay Spiele! Zeitstempel in der Beschreibung! ↓↓↓ Dein Support/Abo hilft mir sehr! ht. Über Hack and Slay Spiele und Action-RPGs Hack and Slay Spiele haben zurecht eine große Fachgemeinde. Auf der Suche nach legendären Items und dem nächsten Endgegner, massenweise Monster niederzustrecken, kann viel Spaß machen. Doch oftmals sehnen wir uns nach Abwechslung und neuen oder anderen Spielen. Gauntlet (ab ). Dungeon Siege (ab ). Titan Quest (ab ). Drakensang Online (ab ).

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